Sr68109 Gable Steel Lawn Building 10 Ft X 9 Ft image

Sr68109 Gable Steel Lawn Building 10 Ft X 9 Ft

Get Space for All that You Own with the Gable Steel Lawn Building

The Arrow gable steel lawn building features 90 square feet of storage space, and that does not even count how much room you have if you stack things on top of one another under the peaked roof. At 5 feet and 10 inches tall, this building is large enough for lawn umbrellas, yard equipment and anything else that you need to keep protected from the weather, while the spaciaous doors easily accomodate wheel barrows and riding mowers. You will love the extra storage and organization that comes with this building.

The gable steel lawn building has galvanized steel sides and a roof that is designed to resist the damage usually caused by snow and rain, and it's even backed by the security of a 12-year warranty, so you can count on it year after year. Assembly is required, but plans and pre-cut parts are provided to make this possible even if you have no experience. Set it up and get that shelter you need.

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